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Exciting New Partnership

Gooee enters Canada by solidifying IoT Lighting partnership with Montreal based Stanpro Lighting Systems

Smart lighting start-up Gooee, the ‘data brain’ for building activity, has extended its North American reach to Canada by partnering with Stanpro Lighting Systems, a world class lighting manufacturer for the Canadian market located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This partnership will enable Stanpro to integrate and further develop Gooee’s IoT-enabling technology within its lighting products.

Once connected to the Gooee ecosystem in mid to late 2018, Stanpro clients, which are in sectors that include offices, industries, shopping malls, retail outlets, will have a portfolio of internal/external lighting solutions that offer better value for money and increased functionality. This is realised through enhanced lighting control, energy management, LED analytics and, for proximity marketing in retail applications, beacon management.

Jeff Beare Vice President of Marketing says: “With the IoT platform designed by Gooee the possibilities of offering value services for our clients will be a huge differential for Stanpro and will position our company as a true leader in the Canadian lighting space”.

Jan Kemeling, Chief Commercial Officer at Gooee, adds: “We have now signed agreements with leading lighting brands in Europe, the US, Japan, India, China, Australia, and the Stanpro partnership marks a significant step into Canada.”

Stanpro is an innovative forward thinking lighting company where today’s paradigm shift towards smart connected lighting is not just a reality in the thoughts of a few R&D managers but rather the mindset of the entire company, a phenomenon we have rarely come across.

About Gooee:

Gooee’s award-winning, Enterprise IoT Ecosystem is a unique ‘full-stack’ wireless lighting control, data & analytics platform using hardware, software and cloud infrastructure which unlocks the smart buildings market at scale. Networked sensors and beacons communicate using Bluetooth Mesh and are deployed via Lighting-as-a-Host, capturing the ‘4 Dimensions of Building Activity Data’: People, Product, Place & Time. This ‘Data Brain’ drives application-enabling intelligence for developers, building-occupiers, property owners and managers. Gooee’s solutions centre around three core areas: Lighting Control & Analytics, Beacon Networking & Space & Occupancy Analytics. These drive multiple value propositions in Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Industrial environments in a growing Building Performance Software (BPS) market. To discover more, visit gooee.com and follow @gooee #databrain

About Stanpro:

Stanpro Lighting Systems headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices in Toronto , Halifax and a warehouse in Vancouver BC is one of Canada’s leading and fastest growing lighting manufacturers. In its Montreal production facility Stanpro produces a complete package of lighting products ranging from: Commercial Indoor, Commercial Outdoor, Architectural and Emergency Lighting.  The addition of Gooee controls to the vast portfolio will truly position Stanpro as a leader in the specification market.


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