Stanpro Training and Lighting Solutions Centre

At Stanpro we had the aim to create a unique space that could demonstrate lighting in many different types of environments: from design ideas to design applications, as well as using a variety of lighting fixtures in order to achieve architectural masterpieces.
Coupled with this inspiration area, we designed a warm and comfortable space where technical training can take place: training at all levels from novice to expert and for a wide audience ranging from our own staff to wholesalers, architects, designers, engineering firms, and contractors.

Bringing in customers from coast to coast to experience the Stanpro difference is a huge step towards brand recognition and positioning Stanpro as a leader in the Canadian market place.


To be a tier one lighting company with a team dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, to both our interior and exterior customers.


The management of Stanpro Lighting Systems is committed to consistently provide products that meet or exceed both the requirements and expectations of our customers. Stanpro attempts to set the bar by maintaining and improving its quality through programs that enable employees to do their job right the first time, along with using the best suppliers that share these same values. Stanpro’s management is dedicated to its customers, employees and safety. Under the observance of the above goal, customer satisfaction becomes the company’s main priority; to be our customers’ preferred supplier.

– Sam Rimoin, President



Our customer service department is comprised of highly trained, knowledgeable and bilingual sales representatives whose only goal is to meet the needs of their customer. Our team will successfully complete any customer interaction, whether it be in person, via phone or online.

Our customer service representatives are continuously trained to keep them abreast of the latest lighting trends, technologies and developments. Our advanced customer experts have the ability to actively serve customers, resolve issues, initiate changes, teach co-workers, and maintain a calm attitude, regardless of customers’ attitudes.


We at Stanpro, offer technical services with the sole purpose to aid and assist novice, as well as the most seasoned lighting specialist.

Our technicians have extensive academic and practical experience, with degrees in engineering and administration. This allows us to offer technical support in the retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors.



Our engineering team is comprised of 27 specialists, ranging from a variety of technical backgrounds. This allows us to develop a multitude of new products that meets today’s customer requirements. Our focus is to: design innovative products at the lowest possible cost, robust designs which provide an extended lifespan, and technologies that help augment energy efficiency.


Our ISO 17025 certified laboratory is qualified by CSA international under the CPC (Certification by Category) program which allows us to conduct safety and performance evaluations and to perform over 100 different tests for products that fall under the following categories:

• Luminaires, according to the standards of CSA22,2 no250 and ISO 60598 (LED, HID, Fluorescent, incandescent, etc.)
• Emergency systems and equipment (CSA22.2no141, C860)
• Transformers

Stanpro Lighting Systems Inc. is ISO certified and adheres to a very strict quality process. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.